I’m So Excited

6 May


Los Amantes Pasajeros, or I’m So Excited to those of us limited to the English language is a film about a flight from Spain to Mexico that turns disastrous after the crew spot a problem with the ‘landing gear’. Struggling to find anywhere to attempt a safe landing, they have to circle in the air for just long enough for us to meet all of the main characters and learn of their personal crises.

The crew has various methods of dealing with the implications of the dodgy plane. Early on we find that they have drugged everybody in economy class to put them to sleep. See, if they’re sleeping they won’t cause problems. It’s a plan without any flaws (seriously, there’s barely any comeback on this).

The key members of the cabin crew, along with the co-pilot tend to drink their problems away and, at one point, even turn to drugs that a honeymooning passenger had stuffed in his…well, he had them about his person.

Amongst the passengers are a woman who claims to have a kind of psychic ability (a claim that is taken at face value by everybody), a woman who turns out to be a bit of a professional sexer (or escort, as she calls it), an actor who has endured some relationship problems and a gentleman who appears to be embroiled in a high level financial scandal.


The real characters here though are the cabin crew. They are played by Antonio De La Torre, Hugo Silva and Javier Cámara. Each of them plays their role fine. They are all fairly low on morals and you wouldn’t want them responsible for your safety in a disaster, but I won’t give you any character details for fear of giving away any of the thin plot. It’s fair to say though that the film does not shy away from the camp/effeminate stereotype of male cabin crew, and delves half-heartedly into their relationships.

The main problem with I’m So Excited is that there just isn’t enough of a story. Ok, there’s a disaster brewing. But it seems at times as if at the writing stage, the thought process was ‘Ok, what silly thing could happen now?’ As we go through the film and discover each of the characters personal lives, it feels like writer and director Pedro Almodóvar has tried to cram a few too many characters into a short run-time. As such, they are afforded very little depth. With that in mind, I struggled to really care about their fates. It’s not that they’re not good characters, you’re just not able to invest anything in them. As such, the end of the film begins to not matter at all.

I’m So Excited is not, in my opinion, a bad film. Pitched somewhere around Airplane! but with less morals and a bit more serious, it does contain some laughs, but not as many as it wants to. There’s a dance scene that I really wanted to not enjoy but couldn’t help crack a few smiles at. Unfortunately, it often feels a little rushed and not completely thought-out. There’s no need to rush out and see this movie, but it’s not a bad way to pass 90 minutes.



3 Responses to “I’m So Excited”

  1. biggreenjelly May 6, 2013 at 19:18 #

    ‘Profesional sexer’. Best character description ever. As you might have noticed by the lack of flustered looking women in the cinema, I didn’t make it and probably won’t get to see it in the cinema now. Sounds like a film that is better for DVD anyway.

    • Richard Burns May 6, 2013 at 20:59 #

      Haha, thanks. Yeah it’s not one you need to see on the big screen, but certainly worth sticking on your Lovefilm list in a few months.

      • biggreenjelly May 7, 2013 at 20:38 #

        Will do Burnsy!

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