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Attack The Block

8 Sep


Attack The Block is the 2011 directorial debut from England’s Joe Cornish. In South London, a gang of seemingly no-good teenagers are forced to defend their block from an alien invasion, requiring the help of a woman they had mugged earlier in the night.

I would normally say that being predictable, clichéd and refusing to stray from genre conventions are all things to criticise a film for. Strangely though, these can all be said of Attack The Block, yet I found them to actually be strengths, rather than weaknesses. I knew within five minutes who the hero would be and the type of journey they were going to take. What Joe Cornish manages to do as a writer though is work in plenty of in-jokes and tongue-in-cheek nods to familiar plot devices that made me smile plenty of times. Continue reading


The Raid

31 Mar


A few days ago I was with my girlfriend and we were trying to decide which film to watch. “Can we watch The Raid?” she asked. Having seen the film towards the end of 2012, I had no hesitation in putting it on again to see if it stands up to scrutiny on a second viewing. Happily for me, it does.

The film is set almost entirely in a high-rise apartment block in Jakarta, Indonesia. The block is home to some less than friendly people who have made a home for themselves there, where they can conduct illegal activity and nobody dares go near them. Continue reading

Welcome To The Punch

19 Mar


Right, I’m going to let you in on a secret before you really start reading; I did not like this movie. There you are, cards on the table, we all know where we stand now. Okay? Ok.

Welcome To The Punch follows Jacob Sternwood (Mark Strong), a wanted criminal who is forced to return to London after his son is shot. Also in London is detective Max Lewinsky (James McAvoy). Three years earlier, Lewinsky had been chasing Sternwood after a heist, but things went wrong for our young detective and he’s been dealing with the consequences ever since. Continue reading