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Attack The Block

8 Sep


Attack The Block is the 2011 directorial debut from England’s Joe Cornish. In South London, a gang of seemingly no-good teenagers are forced to defend their block from an alien invasion, requiring the help of a woman they had mugged earlier in the night.

I would normally say that being predictable, clichéd and refusing to stray from genre conventions are all things to criticise a film for. Strangely though, these can all be said of Attack The Block, yet I found them to actually be strengths, rather than weaknesses. I knew within five minutes who the hero would be and the type of journey they were going to take. What Joe Cornish manages to do as a writer though is work in plenty of in-jokes and tongue-in-cheek nods to familiar plot devices that made me smile plenty of times. Continue reading


Star Trek Into Darkness

30 May


I feel the need to insert a little disclaimer here. Until five days before seeing this film, I had never seen a Star Trek movie in my life. My knowledge of the franchise was as follows;

  • I knew names of key characters (Kirk, Spock and Scotty, basically)
  • There was something called an Enterprise

Then, just before seeing the new movie, I thought I should catch up with the 2009 reboot. I found that to be ok but didn’t love it. The point I am trying to get across here is that I am in no way able to judge this movie against the franchise as a whole. Whilst this may mean I miss some nods to the earlier movies, I am happy that I can judge this movie on it’s own merits. Continue reading