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Schindler’s List

11 Sep


I’ve made it to 25 years of age without seeing Schindler’s List. I’m not sure how. Maybe, in the back of mind, the idea of sitting down for three hours to watch a film that I knew would depress me was off-putting. However, my desire to watch it and remove another ‘must-see’ movie off of my ‘not-seen’ movies list finally lead me to watch Steven Spielberg’s classic film about Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson). In Poland during World War II, Schindler is an industrialist concerned with making money. As he witness the persecution of his Jewish workforce over the course of the war, he becomes more and more concerned for their welfare.

In 1939, the Germans moved Polish Jews to a ghetto in Kraków. Spotting a chance to make some money for himself, Nazi party member Schindler gets himself a factory and a deal to make supplies for the German army. In a ruthless business decision, he opts to employ Polish Jews rather than Catholics as their labour comes cheaper. He employs Itzhak Stern (Ben Kingsley) to help him, owing to his contacts in the Jewish community, and Stern sets about having as many Jews as possible deemed ‘essential’ for the war effort.

Both Neeson and Kingsley give excellent performances. As Schindler, Neeson is able to take advantage of the best character arc in the film. Starting off as a business man hoping to profit from the war, and slowly becoming a sympathetic man determined to help his workforce and save them from the horrors of the concentration camps, he more than does justice to the man at the heart of this remarkable story. Continue reading



16 Jun


From legendary director Steven Spielberg comes Lincoln, the biographical tale of American president Abraham Lincoln as he fights against his own cabinet for the abolition of slavery, set against the backdrop of a raging civil war.

In reviewing films on this blog, I try to look at several factors that come together to make the complete movie. The contributing elements are normally fairly obvious; first of all there’s the story. Then I consider the quality of the casting (how good the performances are, the chemistry between key actors etc). The strength of the dialogue must always be taken into account, and I’ll sometimes give a nod to the score/soundtrack as well., should I think it deserves one.

However, sometimes a film comes along where it’s quality, and consequently my enjoyment of it, is defined predominantly by just one of these elements. I found Lincoln to be one such film. I’ll say first of all that I believe this film delivers in all areas, but there is one that is one standout; the show stopping performance of the leading man, Daniel Day-Lewis. Continue reading